Doctoral Research Opportunity at CLASSE | UTSA-SwRI

Delve into the Mysteries of Icy Moons of the outer Solar System

Are you an aspiring doctoral student with a fascination for space exploration? The UTSA-SwRI program invites you to join an elite team of researchers at CLASSE, focusing on groundbreaking experimental studies of Jovian and Saturnian Moons.

CLASSE (Center for Laboratory Astrophysics and Space Science Experiments) project is a cutting-edge experimental hub within SwRI’s Space Sector. Our team is engaged with the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, Europa Clipper, and JUICE missions to unravel the secrets of our Moon, Jovian Moons and other icy bodies in the far reaches of the outer Solar System.

Your Opportunity:

Work alongside experienced scientists and researchers from UTSA and SwRI as a part of your dissertation research.

Participate in high-profile projects, contributing to space missions. Expand your professional network in the early stages of your career.

Utilize the state-of-the-art facilities to execute top-notch planetary science research.

Opportunity to follow in the footsteps of past FINESST winners from our team.

Learn more about the exciting research happening at CLASSE

For more details, please reach out to Ujjwal Raut at henhg@fjev.rqh

Join us in shaping the future of space exploration!